Mining precious patterns in strategic commodities for financial and maritime actors

4seee drills for signals across a wide range of data reservoirs to anticipate where the price of crude oil is heading. The latest Machine Learning technologies and time series analysis frameworks are infused with expert domain knowledge and human experience. The result: a new kind of augmented financial intelligence. By understanding markets as complex living systems we detect recurring phenomena in deep data.

To steer your ship at night, understand the stars. To steer your ship today, understand data.

Price fluctuations in Brent and WTI evoke premiums and discounts in the daily pricing of refined products such as marine gasoil. From one day to another, refueling a vessel can turn from a bargain into a losing trade. Our solution: a prediction engine fueled by real-time data mining that is built to pinpoint the optimum time window for transactions in oil spot markets worldwide.

Preparing ship owners for the 2020 market disruption in marine fuels

Come 2020, new sulfur-cap regulations will be in place upending the current bunker market. Our model-based procurement strategies allow shipping companies, refineries and other stakeholders to look beyond the horizon of uncertainty. Gathering specialists from data science, quantitative finance, Operations Research and the natural sciences, we harness advanced statistics for actionable price forecasting and proactive decision-making.



Harro Booth

Founder / CEO

Harro has founded 4seee to digitize trade in marine fuels. He is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the oil industry. Besides being at the helm of 4seee, he runs ElbOil, an independent and owner-managed oil trading house with a global network of suppliers and customers.

Knowing the marine fuels market inside out, Harro has a keen sense for the disruptive potential that technology can bring to the sector. He values straightforwardness and the human dimension of doing business. Harro earned a BA in International Business Management at the European Business College in Munich and Hamburg.


Alexander Raguz

Chief Investment Officer

Alexander is an experienced derivatives trader. Previously he worked as an option market maker and proprietary trader for one of Europe’s biggest energy trading firms. He is also a partner in a private investment group focusing on long term absolute return strategies.

As Chief Investment Officer at 4seee, Alexander is responsible for all group derivatives trading activities and providing market guidance and expertise for the machine learning team.

In his free time, Alexander enjoys time with his family and friends.


Dr. Filip Covic

Financial Engineer

Filip has spent his entire career studying and developing mathematical models and optimisation methods. During his time as research assistant at the Institute for Operations Research at the University of Hamburg, he applied these techniques to a multitude of industrial and business problems with a strong focus on supply chain management and the maritime sector.

At 4seee, Filip employs his skills in modelling, simulation and statistical data analysis to gain insights into oil price patterns, to develop fitting time series models and to provide competitive benchmarks for the ML algorithms.

Filip holds a PhD in business from the University of Hamburg. He also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in industrial engineering with a specialisation in operations and supply chain management and energy technology.


Ekaterina Kramarenko

Lead Data Scientist

Ekaterina graduated with distinction from Saint-Petersburg State University with a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Control Processes. Previously, she worked for 8 years at a trading software and services provider, gaining experience in quantitative finance.

Ekaterina is Lead Data Scientist at 4seee. She is the architect of the automated prediction engine, maintains the distributed computing infrastructure and supervises model production from start to finish.

In her free time Ekaterina is open to learning something new everyday, travelling the world, oil painting and trading stocks on her own as a hobby.

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